Her Worst Nightmare Is My Dream Come True

March 9, 2018

JPthebeeman was called out to Laura & Chris Fenner’s home in Metairie, Louisiana early March of 2018 because scout bees were checking out a potential cavity in their home to start a new colony. JP used honey b gone, a bee repellant & caulked a few holes in the brick exterior to temporarily deter the scout bees progress.¬†JPthebeeman informed the Fenners that a swarm of honey bees could show up the next day or day after that.

Well wouldn’t you know, the swarm of bees showed up the next evening!¬†JPthebeeman used a bee repellant honey b gone¬†to run the bees out of the roof area they had settled into.

Her Nightmare Is Indeed The Bee-man’s Dream Come True

The homeowner Laura was terrified at the number of bees that were flying around her yard & coming out of her roof but JPthebeeman was in his glory, getting the bees to go into a domestic nucleus box “Nuc” for short.

JP used a product called “Swarm Commander” to attract the bees to the Nuc box. Swarm commander mimics one of the pheromones that honey bees utilize as part of their social behavior.

JPthebeeman was able to catch the queen & place her into the Nuc box where in time all the bees from the swarm settled into.

JP picked the hive of bees up after dark & placed them in the back of his pickup truck.

The newly established honey bee colony was happily flying in the bee yard the following day.


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  1. Scott Derrick April 9, 2018 at 5:00 pm · · Reply

    Fantastic video. Thanks for posting JP. Love what you do!

  2. Hi – I’m writing you from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I watch YouTube channel most of the time and it brings up random programs and about a month ago there were your videos. They are scattered from 2015/6 to current. I have been watching every evening since and thoroughly enjoy them. Especially the the ones where you educate any public that may be there. And if course the ones with your two best friends.

    Just watched one where you removed one from a tree with comb and had to send you a note of thanks.

    Yours – Shirley

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