Beekeeping Resources

Blythewood Bee Company

I helped Scott Derrick with Blythewood Bee Company perfect Honey-B-Gone which is a product that repels honeybees. I use this product to keep honeybees from going into areas I don’t want to go. I’ve also used it for doing “forced absconds. I also use Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure to capture a swarm and also to lure bees into boxes I’m trying to get them to go into when I’m doing removals.

Here’s the link to the site

Colorado Bee Rescue-Bee Vac

I helped Guy Shingleton of Denver, Colorado test & design the Colorado Bee Rescue bee vac. This is the bee vacuum I currently use for my bee removals. It is extremely user friendly and keeps bee casualties to an absolute bare minimum.

Here’s the link to the site


Visit Dadant for fantastic customer service with a huge selection of all of your beekeeping needs at reasonable prices. We also purchase our stainless steel queen catchers from Dadant & believe they make the best smokers on the market. We use the large capacity ones with heat shield.

Mann Lake

Lots of good stuff available through their site and free shipping on most orders over $100.00! Particularly love their frames!

Brushy Mountain

This is where you can purchase the clear “hairclip” queen catchers. Make sure to ask for the clear ones when ordering.