Apiary near a pipeline outside Brookhaven MS

An apiary is a place where beekeepers maintain their hives. We keep bees in several different areas throughout southeastern Louisiana & Mississippi. When the bees leave your home or building they are likely to be placed in one of these apiaries where they can lead productive lives. We harvest the honey and beeswax and the bees pollinate the surrounding vegetation.

9 Mile Point Bee Yard

This is my main bee yard situated in the town of 9 Mile Point, Louisiana courtesy of my good friend Ted Anthony of Anthony’s Landscaping

Braithwaite Bee Yard

This is a beautiful bee yard situated on approximately 40 acres with approximately 30 of these acres planted in various types of citrus. This bee yard is courtesy of my good friends Ken and Aloma.

9 Mile Point Bee Yard

This bee yard is located in the most wonderful town of Brookhaven, Mississippi. The land is slightly over 20 acres and full of Privet hedge, clover, blackberries, blueberries and huckleberries.

Destrehan Bee Yard

This bee yard is situated in the town of Destrehan, Louisiana. It is a yard I share with good friend and fellow beekeeper Emil Albrecht of LimeLife Resolution Systems.

Lacombe Bee Yard

This is a wonderful bee yard on 30 acres of land courtesy of my Dad’s long time friend Jimmy Fortier of Jim’s Trees. I sold Christmas trees for Mr. Jimmy alongside his son Paul while in my high school years. This yard is chock full of Chinese Tallow, a tree adored by bee keepers for its deep amber honey but abhorred by many states as it is an extremely invasive species of tree.

Raceland Bee Yard

This is my bee yard in Raceland, Louisiana. A great bee yard right on the bayou courtesy of my good friend and fellow bee keeper CD Bailey.