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Honeybee Removal

You are Likely visiting this site because you have a colony of bees that have taken up residency within a void space of your home or other dwelling. Perhaps a swarm of bees has attached itself to a tree branch on your property. Do not attempt to remove, eradicate or seal them in or spray the swarm with anything. You can quite possibly make the situation much worse than it is! If you have doubts, please take a few minutes and view our video “Honey Bee Nightmare” for more about what not to do. It is not for the squeamish!

We are beekeepers/bee removal specialists who are intimately familiar with the biology of the honey bee. We specialize in live honey bee removalĀ and will transfer them to one of our apiaries or those of good friends. We will travel 100 miles or more from Metairie, Louisiana. Please call us today for consultation and an estimate for removal. We also offer repairs and bee proofing in most cases. Our office number is (504) 885-4489

What People Are Saying About Our Service

"Having bees in your house can be very scary. JP's approach and knowledge will make a scary experience bearable. His experience is unmatched. I would recommend him to anyone."
Leslie BrownAlgiers, LA